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Nadia and Rashid are moving to live with a new family and while they’re excited; they’re nervous too. Nadia worries about leaving her old family behind and Rashid sometimes has angry and sad feelings.  How will they feel with their new Mum and Dad?


Preparation Group Blog

Read our Prep Group Blog.

"I have to say I have found these preparation groups invaluable in ensuring we are ready to take the next step, there is only so much that can be garnered from reading a book and this experience has left me much better informed, with a network of support in the rest of the people we came to know in group."


Information for Prospective Adopters

For Prospective Adopters

Making a space for a child in your life is an amazing thing to do. There is a lot to think about and learn and we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Tracing Families

Tracing Families

Read how one young adult reconnected with his birth family with the help of Scottish Adoption - "I was born in Edinburgh in 1980, and it is probably fair to say that my initial start to life was not the greatest."