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Beneath the mask explores how working with adopted adolescents can be complex. In this book Debbie Riley M.S and John Meeks M.D explain that the key to successful therapy and healthy development is to help adolescents discover and accept the person within.


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"Contact with birth families is something a lot of us feel a bit uneasy about, I guess thinking about something in the abstract is always harder than the reality - or maybe in our cases not, only time will tell."

Information for Prospective Adopters

For Prospective Adopters

Making a space for a child in your life is an amazing thing to do. There is a lot to think about and learn and we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Tracing Families

Tracing Families

Read how one young adult reconnected with his birth family with the help of Scottish Adoption - "I was born in Edinburgh in 1980, and it is probably fair to say that my initial start to life was not the greatest."