Adoption Week Scotland this year was all about Celebration so we asked people to let us know what Adoption meant to them. We were not disappointed with the response so thank you to everyone who contributed. We have collated all the responses and are sharing them with you here. All names have been changed or removed to protect identities. 

The first story we share came in by email from someone who was adopted themselves:

I am so very grateful to of been one of the lucky ones to have been adopted at the age of 18 months by my amazing parents. My parents have changed my life for the good if it weren't for them adopting me I would not have had the upbringing which has made me an amazing woman as my mother reminds me each day. My adoptive parents were told I would have emotional problems and be dysfunctional meaning I would never go to a normal school or even walk properly. They had taken on so many challenges only they could of handled this. I grew up strong and independent, getting my GCSEs, going to college and getting my hairdressing certificate and 2 diplomas. Becoming a mother myself has taught me that I now understand the unconditional love you are flooded with to your child but adopting a child into a new family would be emotionally challenging and I think only those with a kind caring and understanding of adoption with plenty of patience can do this 100%.

Next we have some of the messages which came in via social media using #AdoptionWeekScotland

  • Adoption allowed me to be a mum! Lots of struggles but many more accomplishments! Lots of love and laughter.
  • It's #adoptionweekscotland and as someone who is adopted I would urge anyone who's thinking about it to find out more!
  • Thank you to the adoptive families across Scotland for the love and support they provide.
  • We adopted & our lives have been filled with joy ever since. It's a cliché but really is the best thing we've done!
  • Thinking of adopting? As soon as we met our child, we knew it was just right. It could be right for you too.
  • Adopting my boys was life changing. Best thing I've ever done. They regularly say "I wish you had found us sooner".
  • If I knew how much I could love my adopted children, I wouldn't have gone through IVF.
  • My nephew is perfection & inspirational.
  • We are completed by adoption.
  • Adoption gave me my family.
  • As a father, it’s great to be able to offer my children reassurance that this is their forever home".

During the week there was also a debate in the Scottish Parliament about adoption and this is what some MSPs had to say about Scottish Adoption.  

Scottish Adoption has this year been awarded top marks across the board by the Care Inspectorate. That is just one of the many valued agencies and voluntary groups that support people through the adoption process.

A fitting way to conclude would be to listen to the experience of one adoptive parent: “With the support of Scottish Adoption we have been able to parent our child therapeutically, to help him develop from an anxious, frightened child, to a loving, caring, funny and charming young man. He is still only very young, but thanks to the support we have received, we now realise that we, as parents, have what it takes to support him on his journey to greatness. Adoption has been far more challenging than we ever could have realised when sitting in the room at that first information meeting, but by far, the best thing that we have ever done in our lives.” That is proof—if it were ever needed—that the rewards outweigh any challenges and that loving and nurturing a child, whether biological or not, is beyond compare.

Scottish Adoption also does first-class work in the area. It was recently commended by the Care Inspectorate, which awarded it top marks across the board—it won praise for the range, variety and accessibility of the post-placement support that it provides. Post-placement support is really important, as is the sharing of knowledge, tips and experience among experienced foster carers and adopters and those who are looking to foster or adopt for the first time.

Adoption Week Scotland 2016 was the first Scotland Wide Adoption Week which was facilitated by Adoption UK Scotland. If you would like to share your story with us then please email david@scottishadoption.org with all the details.

All personal information will be changed to protect identities.

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