Naming Ceremonies

One of our adopters recently had a naming ceremony celebration conducted by the Humanist Society Scotland and as part of the celebration the parents wrote a poem which was read out on the day. The couple have given us permission to share this poem with you.

Where's it gone, check under the seat

We see the picture but it's not complete

Try as we might we could not find,

This missing piece transfixed our mind

So off we went to little France,

Have you seen our missing piece by chance?

No not here, not me

Why don't you go and try Dundee

So up we went to Dundee,

At least they had a look for free

They hunted high and low,  up and down

They said "its not here" which made us frown

So where to next, what could we do

We felt lost that much was true

But along came John along our way

He fixes puzzles every day

He helped us hunt up and down

And that's when Shane came to town

I've got one here, nearby it sits

But I need to check that it fits

Shane checked our puzzle and it was true

The bit she had fits like glue

So she took us to a special place

To meet our piece face to face

And here he was our little boy,

The final piece, our world, our joy

Now our jigsaw is complete

And at our table sits another seat

More information on the type of events that the Humanist Society Scotland do can be found here.