Mount Kilimanjaro Trek

Senior Practitioner Tracey Turnbull takes on Mount Kilimanjaro on 15th September.

Tracey Turnbull

I have for a long time wanted to complete a personal challenge activity that would push me both physically and mentally whilst at the same time, raise money for a worthwhile charity. With my 40th birthday looming and after a discussion with a friend who has undertaken many challenges in aid of charity, I decided that I would very much like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! I am a keen hill walker and love nothing more than to go stomping up and down our very beautiful Scottish hillsides. I love the feeling of adventure I get from being out in the countryside, the feeling of freeness of the open spaces and the beautiful views that change so much throughout the seasons and which never cease to make me feel very lucky that I get to experience them. 

I therefore have signed up to trek Mount Kilimanjaro (also known as ‘the roof of Africa) with a company called Action for Charity/Dream Challenges and will start my adventure on the 15th September 2017! We will climb up and down the 19,341ft (5896m) mountain over 6 days and go through 5 different climatic zones ranging from extremely hot to extremely cold. This will be a very challenging trek and one not also without it’s dangers mainly due to the high altitudes that those who climb it will experience. However, it is one that I am very much up for doing and am looking forward to.

I will be doing this challenge on behalf of Scottish Adoption and hope to be able to raise money for the adopters and children who use their services. As a Social Worker who has always worked with looked after children before entering adoption work last year, I am committed to ensuring positive, permanent outcomes for our children and have always been impressed (even before working for the agency) with how Scottish Adoption supports adopters and their children throughout not only the preparation and assessment stages but also the post matching and placement stages and beyond. Scottish Adoption offers an impressive range of therapeutic supports to their families and I will be honoured to be able to help raise funds to help go towards the purchase of these much needed and used resources.

I have set up a fundraising page with My Donate BT and if you would like to support me in this challenge, would be very grateful for any donation made. Go to  to make a commission free donation. 

Tracey Turnbull