LGBTQI Adoption Event

Wednesday 7th June
Scottish Adoption, 161 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7AD

Wednesday 6-8.30pm,7th June,“A Sense of Some Place”, Scottish Adoption offices at 161 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7AD

Thinking about adopting? Or perhaps you would appreciate the opportunity to connect with other LGBTQI adopters?  In partnership with Scottish Adoption, we’re inviting you to find out more and ask questions about what’s involved in the adoption process or for those already involved, explore what support and information you need on your ongoing journey. We’re particularly keen to create a supportive environment to explore specific issues relating to the full diversity of identities within our community.

With the opportunity to hear from LGBTQI adoptive parents, we also hope to create a safe space for you to share your own experiences and explore issues unique to your situation. Come for all or whichever part of the event feels relevant:

  • 6-7.30pm - Find out about adoption in Scotland and how agencies like Scottish Adoption can support you
  • 7.30-8.30pm - Hear LGBTQI adoptive parents share their stories and connect with others

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