And Violet film project

At Scottish Adoption we have a reputation for our innovation – constantly looking for new ways to develop our services and to create a greater awareness of what contemporary adoption is all about.

And so….we find ourselves partnering with Paul Gray and his production team to make a film.  Not just any film, but an insightful, emotionally charged and thought provoking one which will tell an adoption story. 

The film will have 3 ingredients which should guarantee its success:

  1. The script has been influenced by the lives and experiences of adoptive parents, adopted young people and birth parents known to Scottish Adoption.  They met with Paul and their input has ensured the story although fictional is based on real experiences.
  2. The story line is gripping – you’ll be hooked from the opening dramatic scene!
  3. In Paul Gray our film maker/director, we have the winning combination of talent, skill and experience of making films alongside drawing on life as an adoptive dad.

If you’re reading this as someone with a connection with our adoption work, this is an opportunity to help us combine a great film with a set of training materials which will help promote an understanding of adoption. The filming has now been completed and the next stage of the production is currently under way. Keep an eye out on our websote to see when the film will be released.