PhD Research

Sarah Fishburn is a PhD Researcher from the University of York and is currently undertaking research funded by the ESRC, supervised by Professor Elizabeth Meins and is looking for your help.

Sarah's research is looking at family structure, parent and child well being and developmental outcomes in children. One of the groups she is particularly interested in is adoptive parents and families. Sarah is looking for families who have a child placed with them, or have adopted a child, to gain insight into their experiences, how they found the adoption process, and some of the qualities and attributes which may contribute to the success of placements and adoptions. The aim of this study is to help establish how best to support parents to promote the wellbeing of both themselves and their children, and inform potential support packages for parents in the future. 

Part of this research is collecting as much information as is possible in a range of different ways - one is via an online questionnaire, which takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, asking parents of children aged 3-16 years to describe their child, about their views on parenting, their child's behaviour and experiences of stress and well-being. All answers are anonymous and kept confidential, and has been approved by the relevant ethics committee.

If you would like to help Sarah with her research a link to the questionnaire is below. 

If you have any queries about this research Sarah would be happy to discuss further, please get in touch with reception here at Scottish Adoption and we can pass on contact details.