8 Hours Overtime Initiative

6:15pm on a Friday evening and instead of heading home after a busy week at work Margaret Moyes and Dave McGregor head off to the Skyscanner offices at the Quarter Mile in Edinburgh to start an all nighter.

No they weren’t manning the desks at Skyscanner but instead were taking part in Edinburgh’s very first ‘8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause’ initiative run by 8i2016 and sponsored by Skyscanner. Over 55 professionals and members of the 3rd sector met up with one goal: to put their expertise, passion and creativity to work, solving challenging project brief set forth by 10 local charities. One of which was Scottish Adoption.

There was a buzz in the building as soon as you arrived, the project wasn’t due to officially start until 7pm but already there were people in groups talking about ideas and concepts, the atmosphere was electric and you knew from the start that this buzz would see you through until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The Scottish Adoption team consisted of five volunteers all with different expertise, they were;

  • Chantal owner of Kinshop, South Africa, who just happened to be over here on a two-month holiday, saw the project and wanted to be involved.
  • Christopher - Senior Product Designer at Skyscanner
  • Katherine - Social Marketing Manager at Skyscanner
  • Mike - Contract Web Developer
  • Arianna - who recently moved here from Italy.

Team Scottish Adoption

With the team assembled and introductions completed, it was off to one of the boardrooms to get started on the project, arms laden with snacks and drinks to keep everyone going.

The team asked Margaret and Dave lots of questions to get an idea of what it was Scottish Adoption wanted to get out of the session and what message they wanted to convey. Many ideas were created and with the help of white board walls lots of scribbles helped picture the ideas the team were coming up with. The project was taking shape and it felt great. Such a creative and positive team Scottish Adoption were given!

Once we had our idea and scripts completed, Margaret and Dave left the team to go to a workshop on ‘Using Social Media to Fundraise’. Rebecca who has vast knowledge of the charity & fundraising sector took the informative workshop and lots of useful information was gained, even this late in the evening. Pizza started to arrive at 11am so the workshop ended and it was officially pizza time.

After a few slices of pizza Chris decided that the best way to burn off the pizza was to play ‘Around the World’ on the Ping-Pong table, which just happened to be in the Skyscanner office. After a little persuasion, Dave joined in and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great way to burn off any stress at work.

It was back to work though as time was ticking on and while most of the group went to record voice-overs, Katherine took Margaret and Dave off to talk Social Media. Katherine had really studied what Scottish Adoption had been doing on Social Media and advised on what they could do in the future. The chat was particularly useful and the information Katherine imparted will prove to be extremely beneficial to Scottish Adoption.

After re-joining the group, the team went over what they had completed so far and got ready to present to the other teams at 2am. There was not a finished product because the brief was a big one but all members of the team have said that they will continue to work on the project until it is finished. So not only did they all give up their Friday night they have all agreed to support Scottish Adoption until the project is finished and ready to be viewed by the public. After hearing from the other teams and finding out about their great projects it was coming up to 3am and time to pack up and head home. A great night spent with such creative individuals.

Scottish Adoption is extremely grateful to every member of the team, everyone had positive input into the project and it would not be what it is without them. Scottish Adoption, Margaret and Dave cannot thank Chris, Katherine, Chantal, Mike and Arianne enough, they were all such a great help. Scottish Adoption would also like to thank Alexandra from 8i2016 for organising the whole event and to Skyscanner for being such great hosts on the night.

Keep an eye out for the finished project!