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All About Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It.

All About Adoption

All About Adoption - How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It is this month's Book of the Month and it addresses some of the questions, feelings, emotions and fantasies many adopted children may have about where they come from and how they became part of their families. The authors acknowledge and validate that it is normal for children to have a mixture of emotions and feelings and point out that babies have feelings too, since they know something has changed – they have different people caring for them, there are different kinds of sounds and smells, different things to look at and different things to touch. The book asks children: Can you name some other feelings/changes? It acknowledges that it can be hard to get used to so many changes. The book reassuringly says that it may take time to feel close to your new family, but it does happen and understanding these feelings can help it happen.

Children who have had to move before may wonder: are more people I like going to go away? This book reminds children that what happened before is different from what happens from now on. The book also helps children understand feelings of sadness, anger, curiosity about the birth parents, fears about abandonment, worries about fitting in and feelings about being different.

All About Adoption is geared towards primary school children and also addresses adoption of an older age child. It is useful in helping birth children within a family understand adoption.  The book also answers practical questions and provides an understanding of the adoption process and why parents adopt through text and wonderful illustrations.

The book concludes with a section for parents on some of the challenges adoptive parents face and practical parenting tips for talking about adoption and can be borrowed from our library.

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