November Book of the Month

Facing up to Facebook: A Survival guide for Adoptive Families.

Facing up to Facebook

Published by BAAF, Facing up to Facebook: A Survival guide for Adoptive Families is our first Book of the Month.

Facing up to Facebook examines the way the internet, social networking and other technologies are changing the landscape of adoption contact, search and reunion. It is the first UK guide to explore the many pressing questions and concerns facing adoptive parents:

  • What do adoptive families, adopted children and birth families need to know about adoption in the Facebook age?
  • How can they be equipped for new challenges?
  • What do adoptive parents need to know about protecting privacy and security in the best interests of their children and wider family?
  • How can adoptive parents manage the complex situations that arise from unauthorised and unmediated contact?
  • What help and support is available

The guide demystifies the technology behind social networking sites, provides a practical explanation of how they work and tackles key issues such as internet safety, privacy and identity protection. Facing up to Facebook provides a considerable amount of information, raises important questions and offers essential advice. Case studies and quotations enable others’ experiences to be shared, and reveal the potential and very significant risks that some people have experienced. Although it does not provide any easy answers, the guide does include hard-won insights from adoptive parents and adoption workers who have had to face up to the impact of Facebook.

Facing up to Facebook: A Survival guide for Adoptive Families is available to borrow from our resource library. Pop in to our offices on Constitution Street or email for more information.


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