June 2014 Book of the Month

Oli and The Pink Bicycle by Catherine Jackson


It’s Oli’s seventh birthday – the first one since her new mamma and papa adopted her – and she’s really excited about the present she has been promised. A pink bicycle! But Oli’s special day doesn’t go to plan and she is so angry that she just screams and screams.

Nothing ever seems to go right for Oli. Her first mamma drank too much alcohol and took bad medicine when Oli was just a tiny bump in her tummy. Now Oli finds numbers and spelling difficult, can’t always make her arms and legs do what she wants them to and often loses her temper. Oli is sad and doesn’t know what to do, until the mysterious Aggie Witchhazel sets her a series of challenges to help her discover all the good things about herself.

This story about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome will be helpful for any child aged seven to 11 whose development and behaviour has been affected by parental substance misuse, or who knows someone else who is affected. The book includes a question and answer section which covers a wide range of queries and concerns about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, and provides practical information and advice in a straightforward and child-friendly style.

Oli and the pink bicycle is one of a new series of books for children exploring health conditions that are common to many looked after children. Other titles in the series focus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, dyslexia and emotional and behavioural difficulties. The books in the series will be invaluable for social workers, foster carers, adopters, residential workers, health care practitioners and teachers to use with children who have these health issues or who know an affected child.

 This book along with all previous books from our featured section can be borrowed from our library. For more information on this or any previous book please call us on 0131 553 5060 or email info@scottishadoption.org

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