May Book of the Month

Before I Arrive: A simple handbook for families of prospectives adopters
by Helen Townsend

Before I Arrive

Before I Arrive, written and illustrated by Helen Townsend, is a wonderful, warm, clever little book to help family members prepare for the arrival of an adopted child.  Written from the child’s point of view, it gently explains how to help them feel safe, welcome and part of the family and to understand how their life to date has influenced their view of the world. The author is an adoptive parent who offers wisdom based on personal experience, making the book ideal for families and friends of prospective adopters.

This book is published by Adoption UK and can be downloaded as a pdf from their website. This book along with all previous books from our featured section can be borrowed from our library. For more information on this or any previous book please call us on 0131 553 5060 or email

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