October 2014 Book of the Month

Living with a new family by Sheila Byrne and Leigh Chambers

Nadia and Rashid are moving to live with a new family and while they’re excited; they’re nervous too. Nadia worries about leaving her old family behind and Rashid sometimes has angry and sad feelings.  How will they feel with their new Mum and Dad?

This children’s book written by Sheila Byrne and Leigh Chambers explores the thoughts and feelings that young people can have when being taken out of an old family setting and being placed in new one. Through a simple narrative using likable characters, Living with a new family explores difficult and often emotional subject matter helping adoptees to open up about their own experiences.

The book is suitable for a wide range of children but particular siblings; with subject matter focusing on the relationship between  brothers and sisters.

This book along with all previous books from our featured section can be borrowed from our library. For more information on this or any previous book please call us on 0131 553 5060 or email info@scottishadoption.org

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