February 2015

Attachment in common sense and doodles A Practical Guide by Miriam Silver

Of the many books on attachment theory, this must be one of the most accessible and relevant. Written in a lively, lucid, conversational style, Miriam Silver, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, helps the reader develop their understanding of children who have experienced abuse, neglect and trauma and are no longer living with their birth family.

Teg Lansdell provides useful doodles highlighting ideas. Case studies and Reflection paragraphs, where the reader is encouraged to think about their own experiences ,adds a  personal dimension to the material.

A range of practical approaches are offered on how to help children feel safe, trust and become more open to the positive , healing care foster carers and adoptive parents hope to provide. There are references throughout for the reader to find out more about areas of interest.

The range of material in this book makes it relevant to a wide readership: parents and professionals, those new to attachment and those who are knowledgeable about it.

It’s a gem of a book.

Maureen Kinnell

Practice Manager

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