April 2015

The Whole-Brain Child by Dr Daniel J. Siegel  and Dr Tina Payne Bryson

The Whole-Brain Child

This book is written by a clinical professor of psychiatry and a psychotherapist who each offer examples of their own parenting techniques to illustrate the whole-brain perspective approach to parenting. The stated aim of The Whole-Brain Child is finding ways to survive difficult parenting moments whilst enabling child/ren and family to thrive.

My favourite parts of the book were the practical suggestions offered under catch phrases such as “Remember to Remember”. This is aimed at helping children exercise their memory by giving them lots of practice recalling important events, thus enabling them to build a coherent narrative necessary for a secure attachment.

There is a very helpful summary of the strategies involved which has been written to stick up on the fridge as an aide memoire. The book is written in a humorous way illustrated by cartoons giving two scenarios of responses to a situation, including the whole-brain response.

At first sight it appears an easy read, but half way through I found I needed a bit of peace and quiet to grasp the finer points of neuroscience. What I took away was the message to pay attention to what is going on inside our minds…to recognise our feelings and name them, as it the first step to being able to integrate our experiences instead of being overwhelmed by them.


This months review comes from Catherine Watson, a Senior Practitioner in the After Adoption team. This book along with all previous books for our featured section can be borrowed from our library. Call 0131-553-5060 for more information.

To purchase this book or view a variety of information, books and resources for those living or working with children impacted by trauma please visit - www.cairnsmoirconnections.org


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