March 2015

The confusing world of Brothers, Sisters  and. Adoption. By Regina. M .Kupecky.


 This simple to read workbook is the 3rd in a series of workbooks  based on 'The Adoption Club' , a fictional support club for adopted children aged 5-11. The book is intended  not only for social workers, counsellors or therapists working with children in this age bracket, but also for adoptive parents.

 Being an adoptive parent myself, I was glad to see that it stretches to no more than 45 pages, and  as it's a simple read,I was able get through a first reading quite easily over a cup of coffee while my youngsters attended a sports club after school. 

 Mrs Bright, the counselor at the Adoption Club, is the main character and she takes you through the social histories of the different children who attend the club. A wide range of children from different backgrounds and experiences are described in child friendly language and while the individual characters may not exactly match the particular children you are working with, they are general enough to find common similarities with the type of child likely to be encountered in any school or club  settings today.

Each  character description  provides a follow up  section where feelings  can  be explored and questions recorded. Such as feelings of separation and loss of a sibling,  being an only child  or inheriting a new brother or sister and the emotional conflict that this brings.  I found that these exercises provide good  story starters for my children who find it difficult to begin expressing their thoughts openly and  who find the security of talking through the personality of a third person reassuring.

 As second timer newly adoptive dads we had a giggle when we read about the ups downs of having a new wee brother join the family.  It was reassuring  to think that  the exhibited behaviors we are witnessing  at home are no more than the normal readjustment interactions between two boys getting used to having to share time anD space, and that our boys, much like those boys depicted at  the club, are going through all this too. Its not only just us!

This book provides an  easy to read set of activities  which you can choose to work through with your child or young person or  just to pick up from when relationships need to be explored a little further.  Failing that you could always all just sit down on the couch and watch an episode of Modern Family on the tv together!


-An Adoptive Dad.

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