November 2015

Facilitating Meaningful Contact in Adoption and Fostering 
by Louis Sydney and Elsie Price

Facilitating Contact

Most adoptive families support some form of contact between their adopted child and that child’s birth family. Reflecting on the many forms of contact in adoption therefore is a key part of the Scottish Adoption preparation groups. For those wishing to explore this aspect of adoption, those families preparing to facilitate contact and for those who have been facilitating contact for some time, this book provides a sound base for furthering understanding and practice in this area.

Laying a theoretical base in the first chapter the authors proceed to explore with compassion what contact means for a child. Beyond that, compassionate consideration is given to the meaning of contact for all in the adoption triangle – not only children but birth family and adopters too. They provide guidance and tools for social workers planning children’s journeys from home to their placement, providing useful background reading for those adopters wishing to understand their child’s journey in more detail.

For adoptive families this book will provide guidance on some of those very challenging but often rewarding acts that support a child’s understanding of their birth family including adopters meetings with birth parents, contact with foster carers, direct and indirect contact with birth family, sibling contact and contact for children whose adoptive parents separate.

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