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As our experience and knowledge of how best to support families formed through adoption grows, our commitment to provide a range of responsive and effective services runs parallel to this. For some families the support provided by their worker will be sufficient but for others more intensive therapeutic support may be needed. At Scottish Adoption, we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer a range of therapeutic disciplines - Art, Music, Play Therapy, Occupational Therapy (including sensory integration) and Peer Support.

How do I find out about the different therapies?

The links below will give you some more information on each of the therapies available. If you are still in contact with your worker, they can provide information and may suggest that support from one or other of the therapies on offer might be helpful for you and your child. Some parents may no longer be in touch with their original worker and if that is the case then we can arrange for you to speak with another worker to find out more about therapeutic support and whether it may be helpful. You can either phone or email Scottish Adoption and we will arrange for a worker to talk with you.

Depending on levels of interest, we run ‘taster sessions’ for parents to hear more about the therapies on offer. These take place in the evening at the Scottish Adoption office. If you are interested in attending a future taster session, please email

We take care over deciding what kind of therapeutic support might be most helpful for you and your child. Any preferences are taken in to account. An important thing to remember is you do not have to be good at Music, Art or Play to benefit from these kinds of therapies.

Where does the therapy take place?

It might take place in your home or at the Scottish Adoption office. Our Art therapists have their own space which they may use if they think it will be more helpful for the therapy to be outside the home. It is easier for our Music Therapist to be based at Scottish Adoption to allow access to the full range of her musical instruments/equipment. Similarly, Occupational therapy tends to take place in our office space. Peer support is often provided online or by telephone.


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