To mark our centenary year we are creating our 100 voices project where we aim to share the story of 100 people.

If you would like to share your story in any format, written, podcast, video, or picture, please email to get involved.

We would love to hear you story and have you be part of our 100 year celebrations.


The first to share their story is Scottish Adoption and Fostering’s very own Dave.


Natalie shares her experience of Scottish Adoption & Fostering.

Flying in for Dinner

A family share their story in 100 words as part of our 100 Voices campaign.


16 Years of memories is what Giles shares with us as part of our 100 Voices!

Stephen and Derek

Our Adoption Journey – When Stephen and Derek met Peter, a 100 Voices story.

Angie’s Story

Angie shares her 100 Voices story with you.


It is Morven’s turn to share her story as part of our 100 Voices!

Be part of our 100 Voices!

If you wish to share your experience of Scottish Adoption & Fostering and be one of our 100 voices, email for details on how you can have your story here!