It’s great that you have reached this stage of your journey where your home study and panel are behind you.  The next stage of your journey is one that can feel equally exciting and scary as you move through learning about your child to welcoming your child home.

It’s hard to hold in your head all the things you will have learnt since you first contacted us.  So we have complied a list of different information that we think you will find helpful as you get to know your child.  Some practical, some thought provoking but all questions that other families have asked.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to then just let us know – if you are asking it then so is someone else.  You can always give us a ring on 0131 553 5060 or e-mail

What to say to family and strangers in the early days of placement?

When is it okay to send your child to nursery?

What is Theraplay?

Why is Funnelling so important?

The Importance of Play

What are Transitional Objects and why they are important?

The most common childhood accidents and how to prevent them.

Internet Safety now you are an adoptive parent.

Helpful websites for Adopters.