Our experience is that there is no rush to send your child to nursery; they will catch up with learning and the most important people for them to socialise with in those early days is you.

There can be pressure from a number of different places for your child to go to nursery, especially if they have already started in foster care. But we are clear that they need to be at home with you and nursery can wait.  They need time in not out in these early days.

You and your child have so much to catch up on.  They might have learnt all sorts of things before they came to you but they haven’t done these things with you and they need to do them with you to build a strong and healthy attachment.

The early days, weeks and months are a time that you can never have again and they are the most effective time in terms of relationship building.  Now is the time to help your child build good developmental foundations.  A history of loss will mean that there are rocky foundations that need repaired and strengthened for your child to grow into a resilient young adult.

There is lots of chat about how much our children need stimulated; actually children like lots of repetitive activities, they like to play with you.  They will be happy with days at home baking, outings to the local park, reading books etc.  There is enough stimulation for them in getting to know you and in building  an attachment to you.

When the time comes for your child to start at nursery then look at a few different nurseries.  By now you will know your child well and have an understanding of their needs and personality.  It might be that the local nursery doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and feel free to call a worker here to talk things through.  Consider the size of the nursery, the ethos – does it suit your child, will they be able to understand and meet your child’s needs?