At Scottish Adoption and Fostering we recognise that adoption is a lifelong experience with different aspects of adoption affecting different people at different times in their lives. We offer a range of support services for adults who were adopted as children and also parents and birth family members.

How we can help

Many adopted people have questions about their origins, some want to talk, some want information and some want to trace and meet their birth parents or other birth relatives. It is often difficult for people to know how to start this process and Scottish Adoption and Fostering is here to help you.

We can give advice on where adoption records are kept and how to access them. We can help to make sense of these records and offer support and guidance should you wish to take the next step.

We can advise you how to search for your relatives and in some situations we can do the search for you.

When the search is successful we can act as intermediary if you feel you would rather somebody else makes the first approach to a birth parent or relative.

Once this contact has been made we can help plan an exchange of information and possibly a reunion. We continue to be available for support for as long as necessary.

Scottish Adoption and Fostering is able to offer you these support services if you currently live in Edinburgh, West Lothian, East Lothian, Midlothian or have a connection with an adoption arranged by:

Scottish Adoption and Fostering, Edinburgh, East, Mid and West Lothian Councils, Lothian Regional Council, The Church of Scotland, The Episcopal Church of Scotland.

To access this service, contact us on 0131 553 5060 or email: If you live in a different geographical area, you should contact your local authority social work department and ask for an adoption support service.