Scottish Adoption and Fostering offers a range of support services for children and young people who are adopted.

W.I.S.E Up Workshops

W.I.S.E. Up is a award-winning program, during which children/young people come to together in a safe space and learn how to answer tricky questions about their adoption. This is a dual learning approach, where young people and their parent receive the training at the same time. The sessions take place in Leith during the week and involves lots of fun, games and activities.

The Art Venture Group

In a small group for no more than 6 young people, children work alongside our Art Therapist to explore feelings around adoption, have fun and meet other adopted young people.

The Wee Crofters

Our Wee Crofters meet monthly during term time. This small group is based on an outdoor learning and Forrest School approach. At the Wee Crofters, we use the natural environment to play, learn new skills, build confidence and explore feelings. A typically session involves harvesting food, building/woodland crafts, outdoor cooking, high energy games and fire side chats.

The Thursday Crofters

The teenage years can be hard, but for adopted young people, having people around you who understand what you’ve experienced can be vital. Within this outdoor group, young people can take part in high energy games, outdoors crafts/building projects or simply enjoy a fire side chat with a hot chocolate. In this group, there’s no pressure to talk about adoption, but as young people build trust with one another, they begin to use the session to talk about things that they might now share with other young people.

Brothers & Sisters

We’re proud to say that we also now offer a group for birth children within adoptive/fostering families. This group takes place outdoors and creates a safe space for young people who can at times be impacted by stress, violence and busy households.

It’s hard (to have a adopted sibling) because they sometimes get treated differently by my parents. They don’t get into trouble as much as I do. I like the group because its just for me and I have loads of fun” (birth sibling age 13).

Scottish Adoption and Fostering Ambassadors

When young people reach age 16, if they have an interest in becoming involved in the agency, we run a paid Ambassador Program. Young People are given training, supervision and support to take part in a number of activities. For example, sitting as members of our Board Sub-Committee, training prospective adopters, co-facilitating our children’s group-work program, offering peer support and supporting our work to #keepthepromise.

Our Ambassadors are also commissioned to work alongside other agencies. For example, being key-speakers at adoption training/conferences, contributing to research and reviewing adoption resources.

If you would like to commission a piece of work from our Ambassadors, please email 

For more information about our Children and Young People’s Service please contact Lynsey our Children’s Worker at