Scottish Adoption offers a range of support services for children and young people who are adopted.

Counselling & Support

Individual counselling and support is available for children, young people and their parents. Common themes include building attachment, identity and the impact of loss and trauma on children and young people. We also work with schools, health professionals and other agencies connected to the child.

Theraplay Groups

Tadpoles is our programme for pre-school children with the purpose of introducing parents and children to theraplay techniques which help build attachment. It provides an opportunity for families of the same age and stage to meet each other, have fun and explore similar themes and issues as they arise.

School Transition Groups

The School Transition Groups are focused on supporting children and their parents with the challenge of transition into P1 and S1 using a range of activities, inputs, advice and guidance.

Young Adults Group

The Young Adult’s Group meet regularly and provides opportunities for adopted young people aged 16 to 21 to spend time together, support one another through the challenges of being adopted and being a teenager as well as taking part in a range of activities. This group has proved very popular and unfortunately has reached capacity and is now closed until September 2018.

W.I.S.E Up Workshops

Scottish Adoption has the only Scottish accreditation to run W.I.S.E Up workshops. These workshops give children tools enabling them to respond to what can be positive and negative questions or conversations about being adopted. The workshops are also an opportunity to share experiences with other group members and to feel empowered and confident in deciding when, if and how to share their adoption story. You can download our W.I.S.E Up leaflet for more information here.

Primary and Secondary

Our groups for primary and secondary pupils run on a school year basis, dependent on demand. The focus of these groups is to have a safe place to have fun with other adopted children and to explore the additional challenges that come with adoption.

For more information about our Children and Young People’s Service please contact Melanie our Children’s Worker at