Online Adoption Information Evening

Join us on Thursday 17th of November and hear all about the adoption process from our experienced Adopters!

Interested in adopting and want to find out more?

As part of Adoption Week Scotland 2022 we shall be holding an online Adoption Information Evening on Thursday 17th of November from 7pm to 9pm.

The evening will give you the opportunity to hear from our expert Senior Practitioners as well as from our lovely Adopters as they talk about their journey to parenthood. You will get the opportunity to ask any questions you have all in the comfort of your own home.

You can sign up for your free place via eventbrite

The highlight for those attending previous information evenings has always been the opportunity to hear directly from our parents. Below is a selection of the feedback we have had from previous events:

“We found the info meeting really useful and informative and a great way to make the idea of adoption more of a reality in terms of it being an option for us. We have talked about looking into it for a while now and it was a really good way to get lots of information and meet the team of people from the agency. Hearing the adoptive dads talk about their experiences was definitely the highlight.”

“It was a very informative night and put a lot of thoughts in my head regarding my future, and how to go about setting these into motion. I’m very glad I came along and felt the staff explained everything and the personal stories from the adopters were the highlight. As a result of the event my partner and myself will be filling out an initial request form with Scottish Adoption to move things forward from this point.”

“Edinburgh event last night was so helpful. Great to see so many other people looking to adopt! Hearing the experiences of the gay dads was good, generally I’m really glad we went!”

“We thought the evening was excellent. Very informative and also relaxed so no pressure on anyone to make decisions or to do anything. We both felt very relaxed, and felt we received a really good overview of what the process involves. We especially enjoyed hearing the adopters speak about their own experiences and how they felt throughout the process. To see their obvious joy and happiness was definitely an inspiration to us both. We’ve already completed our initial enquiry form and have had a response from your office.”

If you have any questions about the event please do email

Scottish Adoption presents The Bluebird Project

Join us on Wednesday 16th of November as we share information on The Bluebird Project as part of Adoption Week Scotland.

The Bluebird Project is a support service for birth mothers and birth fathers who have lost their children permanently to Kinship Care, Fostering or Adoption. Scottish Adoption is connected with over 100 birth parents who we support mainly through letterbox contact but also some who have direct contact with their children and with counselling support.

Often the birth parents we support have told us that they felt judged and alone at the point that they have had a child removed from their care. Our birth parents have told us that they want a safe space to talk about their experiences where they won’t feel judged, where they can express their feelings and have these validated.

“There was absolutely nothing or no one that I could turn to when the decision was made for my child to be adopted. I was on my own and just a kid myself… The only help was from my GP and that was only pills. 100% to counselling for a deeper look at the hard stuff would have helped. Talking to folk who had been through the same as me would also really have helped as I felt I was the only one” (birth mum)

The birth parents we currently support have told us that it doesn’t matter if it happened many years ago or more recently, the enduring sense of loss and isolation is the same.

We have set up a range of support services that meets birth parents where they are at and that places an emphasis on nurture and connection.

Come along for this lunchtime session on Wednesday 16th of November from 1pm to 2pm and meet the team involved in The Bluebird Project, hear about the range of support services we offer, the innovative work we have already undertaken and how to make referrals. You can sign up for free via eventrbite here.