Is it my fault?

Is it my fault?

Is the fact that I’m adopted my fault? (Girl age 7)

Question: Is the fact that I’m adopted my fault? (Girl age 7)

Response from our Ambassadors Rebecca and Arran:

Absolutely not! It’s never the child’s fault. You didn’t do anything wrong and you didn’t do anything to deserve the way you where treated. We’re sorry that you feel like that, but actually you’re not alone in having those feelings. We’ve asked ourselves the same question, but with time and the support of our families and workers from Scottish Adoption, we now realise that our path in life, the one that has resulted in gaining an adoptive family is not something that we were able to control or influence.

We’ve spent time speaking to our adoptive family about the choices that our birth parents made that resulted in us being adopted. This helped a lot. Do you feel able to speak to your family about your life story? If not, do you have a social worker who might be able to help you work through your feelings?

If you don’t currently have a social worker, you could get in touch with your local Council and their Children and Families Team. If they aren’t able to help, Adoption UK ( may also be able to offer you support.