Top Marks for Scottish Adoption

Top Marks for Scottish Adoption

Scottish Adoption has been awarded top marks of grade 6’s across the board.

Following our last Inspection by the Care Inspectorate, Scottish Adoption was awarded grade 6’s across the board.  Grades of Excellent in every area assessed with no improvement recommendations is a great result and acknowledges Scottish Adoption as the leading Adoption Agency in Scotland.

“In conclusion, we assessed that there was outstanding evidence of the adoption agency supporting positive outcomes for children and their adoptive families. The enduring relationship encouraged between adoptive families and the agency and the range, variety and accessibility to post placement support identified this agency as a leader in the field of adoption”.

You can read the full report here

As we begin to prepare for our next inspection which is due in 2018, we are pleased to welcome the new Health and Social Care Standards which have much more emphasis on outcomes and the experience of those receiving a service.  The new standards are a great fit with our values and ways of working and we would hope everyone could say:-

  1. I have experienced high quality care and support.
  2. I have been fully involved throughout my adoption journey and beyond.
  3. I have 100% confidence in the staff of Scottish Adoption.
  4. I have 100% confidence in Scottish Adoption as an organisation.

Do have a read of the new standards and let either ourselves or the Care Inspectorate have any feedback you have.