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Polly, one of Scottish Adoption’s Senior Practitioners in the Family Placement Team, talks to Foster Carers and Adopters about how they found the Introduction Process

Polly talks to single adopters Shonagh and Chelsea about their journey to parenthood.


In this podcast we hear from Polly as she talks to Gillian about adopting for a second time.


Back in 2016 we asked Stevan and Denis to record a video talking about their journey to adopting a sibling group of two boys. We have taken the audio from that video and turned it onto a podcast. If you have ever thought about adopting a sibling group so give this a listen.


In the following podcasts you will hear more about the services we offer, for free, to all of our adopters. From the moment you get in touch with us to the day your family is complete and beyond. First up Giles talks about the lifelong support available here at Scottish Adoption and in the second podcast Amanda and Karen talk to Stevan about his adoption journey to parenthood.


Same-sex couple Damien and Clinton talked to Louise about their journey to becoming parents with Scottish Adoption. These episodes talks about their journey to fatherhood.

If there are any topics that you would like us to cover in a podcast please let us know by emailing david@scottishadoption.org