Birth parents and birth family members carry throughout their lives the knowledge that they may never know what happened to the child who was adopted. The continuing sense of loss can be overwhelming and often there is no one to turn to.

A Listening Ear

Sometimes a listening ear is all that is needed. If the child is still young we are often able to obtain information from the adoptive parents which can help set minds at rest and sometimes can develop into an on-going exchange of information.

Scottish Adoption provide an intermediary service on behalf of birth parents and relatives wishing to let an adopted adult know they would welcome contact.

For birth parents and birth relatives living in Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian or East Lothian, Scottish Adoption are able to provide you with a counselling and support service on behalf of the Local Authority.

Birth parents and birth relatives outwith the Lothian Area should contact their local authority social work department and request information on their adoption support service.

There is no guarantee of a positive outcome, but in many cases the result is a reunion or at least some information is exchanged.