Making a space for a child in your life is an amazing thing to do. There is a lot to think about and learn and we have the knowledge and experience to help you. Parenting an adoptive child has its challenges, but as our adoptive parents will tell you, it is very rewarding.

Why Choose Scottish Adoption as your agency?

You have a choice of Adoption Agencies and we would encourage you to talk to more than one Agency. Scottish Adoption has 95 years of experience and being a small organisation we can ensure a personal and responsive service to those who contact us. From the very first moment of enquiry to the dedicated follow up support, out team will be there for you every step of the way.

We have a highly professional and committed staff group with specialist knowledge in all areas of adoption in Scotland. We understand the issues for those affected by adoption while recognising that every situation is unique and needs an individual response.

For more detailed information on the adoption process please download our Information for Prospective Adopters

Scottish Adoption offers:

Clear timescales

Once you have completed your Preparation Course, you will immediately be allocated a Senior Practitioner, a panel date will be agreed with you for your approval panel and you can expect your assessment to be completed within 5-6 months.

Adoption expertise

We are a specialist adoption agency who only delivers adoption services.

Support Commitment

Our support commitment is backed up by a range of adoption support services, developed specifically in response to identified need.

If after reading all the information you would like to contact us please download and fill out the Initial Enquiry Form and email the form back to us at or post it to Scottish Adoption, 161 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 7AD.