We have supported many families through their experiences of adoption and we have invited some of them to share their experiences with you.

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Adoption Process
Family Search
  • Theraplay
    "Theraplay has been indescribably beneficial for our family, and I don’t like to think of where we would be without it"
  • Ready Steady Go Group Blog
    Who is ready? Who is Ready Steady Go for School?
  • Teen Groups
    It’s 4pm on a Friday afternoon and my work for the day in my role as Children’s Worker at Scottish Adoption is about to begin.
  • Stevan and Denis Talk Siblings
    Stevan and Denis share their experience of adopting a sibling group.
  • Activity Day
    Sarah shares her experience of an Adoption Activity Day.
  • Anthony & Clare Video Blog
    Clare and Anthony share their experience of how they are finding our Adoption Preparation Groups.
  • Finding My Birth Family
    Tracing birth family members can be hard, but Scottish Adoption are with you every step of the way. Read how Leasa helped one man reconnect with birth family he didn't know he had.
  • Tracing Families
    I was born in Edinburgh in 1980, and it is probably fair to say that my initial start to life was not the greatest.
  • Scottish Adoption Experience
    It is hard to summarise the support given to us by Scottish Adoption into a few paragraphs, given that they have offered us such varied and tailored support over the years.
  • Pre Placement Preparation Group
    We recently held a Pre-Placement Preparation Group and asked if someone would be able to write about their experience of the group so we could share their experiences online with everyone.
  • Kirsty and Mark Video Blog
    Kirsty and Mark very kindly took up our offer of doing a video blog instead of writing everything down, and we couldn't be happier with the result.
  • Pre School Groups
    One of the best thing about becoming a parent through adoption is that you are never really alone.
  • Groups
    Our son attended the P1 Transition Group and our daughter attended the Girls Group.
  • Adopted Young Adult
    Sometimes I wonder if many other people have gone through what I have gone through, have felt the same emotions and feelings I have felt...
  • Single Adopter
    I approached Scottish Adoption after having researched various agencies and the local authority.
  • Cake Off 2019
    Adoptive Dad
    Our journey to starting a family was definitely not straight forward and we certainly took the scenic route.
  • Same Sex Couple
    It was with slight trepidation that we made the first call to Scottish Adoption.
  • Our Sibling Adoption Story
    We took it for granted that we would have a family easily, so my first miscarriage was such a shock

If you would like to share your story with us then please email info@scottishadoption.org with all the details. All personal information will be changed to protect identities.