Jehovah Witnesses Family Celebrations

Jehovah Witnesses Family Celebrations

Jehovah Witness come from diverse backgrounds world wide and made up of many different people from different cultures and ethnicity!

Our Jehovah Witnesses families believe the important values associated with being Jehovah Witnesses is love, respect, peace, honesty, connection and acceptance and they abide by these values by promoting it in their daily actions. They do not believe in violence and as such abstain from participating in violent or aggressive actions including military service.

Jehovah Witnesses believes in equality. They see all races and ethnicity as equal. Jehovah Witnesses come from diverse backgrounds world wide and made up of many different people from different cultures and ethnicity.  Our Jehovah Witnesses families appreciate their religion encourages connections that transcends boundaries within families but also within their wider community.

One family told us that “Throughout the year there are many special days where we celebrate together as family and friends. We don’t celebrate Christmas or Birthdays by giving presents on these occasions but by spending quality time as a family and extended family to reconnect, but presents are given year round not just on Christmas or birthdays. This might be by going on holiday, having quiet family time at home or doing a fun child friendly activity. Doing this for them promotes unity as a family, fun and shared joy. This year we all had a wonderful day at our nieces wedding. our Son was so proud to be her page boy! We’ve also had some exciting family trips away to celebrate wedding anniversaries. We take these times to reconnect with family who live further away. We had a great time catching up with family in South Africa enjoying time together on Safari. Cherished times making lasting memories whilst enjoying some phenomenal cakes!

We always make sure that achievements are celebrated. When Fraser’s cousin graduated from nursery the kids all loved the cakes and presents. Then before Fraser started primary school he had a party for all his friends – the bouncy castle was a huge hit. We have so many times through the year where we celebrate both an individual achievements and special family occasions.”