Same Sex Couple

Same Sex Couple

It was with slight trepidation that we made the first call to Scottish Adoption.

Our Experience with Scottish Adoption

It was with slight trepidation that we made the first call to Scottish Adoption and we really shouldn’t have felt like that as we were greeted with a lovely helpful voice talking us through the enquiry stages. We set up our first appointment to find out more and this was so informative and all our questions that we had at this time were answered. Not once were we made to feel awkward or unwanted for being a same sex couple.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

The preparation groups gave us deeper insight in to adoption from more than one angle. We went in with a basic knowledge about the process as the only information we had about them was from research we did on line and through the case studies we read. The understanding gained from the groups was invaluable. The amount of details we were given in 5 weeks would be too much to put down on paper but the main things it helped with was to clarify and understand the circumstances the children come from and the variety of backgrounds of the children. We also gained more valuable information and understanding of attachment and the importance of funnelling.

Our worker was on the ball from the word go. She kept us up to date with all potential matches until we found the one. After all the relevant information was exchanged we moved onto the matching panel. We have never been so nervous! Walking into the room with all those faces looking at you, we couldn’t have prepared enough for that.

They explained how the panel would work and then started with the questions, why would we be a good match with this fantastic boy? We were asked to leave the room and our worker stayed behind to be questioned further. After 15-20 minutes the result was in…. perfect match! We were both overjoyed and couldn’t help but shed a tear or two.

Our worker supported us all the way through all the meets with foster carers, child social worker and panel members. Any questions we had were answered with full explanations. This certainly helped us feel secure. Even now that we have been placed with our little boy; the Scottish adoption team are on hand and regularly visit to ensure we are okay. We never once felt any different going through the full process.

We now see that adoption is not always black and white. During the whole process Scottish Adoption were supportive and made you feel like part of a large family. You can’t help but feel nervous during the whole process especially panel day, but with Scottish adoption you don’t feel alone. We have to admit that we were apprehensive about being a same sex couple and of thinking about adoption but at no point were we treated in any way different to anyone else.

Being gay adoptive parents has been the best thing we have ever done!