Family Christmas Celebration

I remember not being able to sleep the first Christmas Eve we had with our son…

Our Son’s first Christmas with us was an amazing bundle of emotions.  He was 2 and I definitely think my husband and I were more excited about it than he was.  Growing up Christmas was always a big thing for us so I was super excited.  I remember not being able to sleep the first Christmas Eve we had with our son, and we couldn’t wait for him to wake up on Christmas morning. We had to wait until 8am for him to wake up and it was torture ha ha!  He opened his stocking in our bedroom and his wee face when he saw it was a picture.  He took a present out of his stocking and opened it very carefully and sat on the bed and played with it, he loved it, me on the other hand, couldn’t wait for him to open the rest of them.  Did I mention I was super excited ha ha

After he had opened his stocking we went downstairs to see the presents that Santa had left him.  Coming down the stairs he saw all the presents in the mirror and all we heard was “wow wow wow”.  He was so careful unwrapping the presents until we said “It’s okay you can rip them open” then all hell broke loose but it was such an amazing day.

Now Christmas Day is absolute bedlam in our house with the addition of our second son.  It’s loud with excitement and laughter and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Their favourite thing to do on Christmas morning is to scoop up all the wrapping paper and put it all in a bin bag which they duly empties and starts all over again.  I loved Christmas growing up but I love it so much more with the boys.  It can get a bit overwhelming for them but we go at their pace and it has been known for all of us to be in our pj’s all day which is the best bit!