Supporting Our LGBT+ Adopters

The second annual Adoption & Foster care support week for LGBT+ parents takes place 20-24 September. Scottish Adoption is proud to back it.

LGBT+ people now play a key role in Scotland in parenting some of our most vulnerable children. Scottish Adoption have placed more children with LGBT+ families than any other Local Authority and Adoption Agency in Scotland making Scottish Adoption the Number 1 Adoption Agency in Scotland for the LGBT+ Community. Vickie Foster, Practice Manager said

“This is something that Scottish Adoption is extremely proud of, we have worked closely with the LGBT+ community for many years, building up this relationship and trust and will continue to work with to support both the LGBT+ community and our LGBT+ families.”

In 2020 1 in 12 adoptions in Scotland were to same-sex couples. Research suggests that LGBT+ adoptive parents are more likely to adopt older children, sibling groups, or those with additional needs and disabilities than other adopters. While LGBT+ adopters and foster carers bring a unique skillset to parenting, they also face distinct and separate support challenges to other adopters and foster carers.

To help our LGBT+ adopters Scottish Adoption will take part in September’s campaign to raise awareness of new, unique content online that our adopters can access as the campaign takes place. Throughout the week this will focus on education. New Family Social – the UK’s charity for LGBT+ adopters and foster carers – leads the campaign and says education is frequently a concern for them.

“Finding the right school for your child is a top priority for all parents. If you’re LGBT+ you’ll want to make sure your family is fully supported by the school’s policies and practices. You’ll also need to know that the schools on offer can meet your child’s additional needs. If you need to access help from your adoption or fostering agency, you’ll want clarity on what it can do for you,” says James Lawrence, New Family Social’s Head of Engagement & Communications.

Scottish Adoption is a member of New Family Social and offers free access to the charity’s services as part of its support package for its LGBT+ adopters.

Glasgow Pride

Scottish Adoption attended Glasgow Pride and took part in their first ever Pride March!

Scottish Adoption were chosen as the Charity Partner for Glasgow Pride 2017 and with the theme for Pride being #ProudFamilies, was something that we were proud to be part of. Taking part in our first ever Pride Event meant we were able to take part in our first ever Pride March which meant we could reach a much wider audience as we marched our way through the streets of Glasgow.

The two day event started on the Saturday with the Pride March through the centre of Glasgow. The Scottish Adoption team, made up of adopted families and their children, staff and supporters, were part of a 7000 strong crowd who marched through the city. One gay dad who marched with Scottish Adoption commented about how humbled he felt with all the support Scottish Adoption were getting from the people who had lined the street. He added that he was welling up at moments during the parade because the support for being a gay adopter from the crowds was overwhelming.

After the march Scottish Adoption had set up camp in the Expo area where lots of other organisations and charities had set up stalls. Everyone who came along to the Scottish Adoption stall heard all about the adoption process as well as hearing about the work the After Adoption team do, the support they give to adopters, children as well as other family members affected by adoption.

Messages of suport come in from Ruth Davidson and Patrick Harvie wishing Scottish Adoption all the best on our first Pride March.



Day two and Leasa and Dave were back for another day of sharing the world of Adoption with the LGBTQI Community. They were joined by a very special guest, the latest addition to the Scottish Adoption family, Reiver. Reiver attracted more people to the stall so it was another busy day sharing information, getting cuddles, belly rubs and licks.

Scottish Adoption were extremely proud to have been asked to take part in this year’s Glasgow Pride. Having worked with the LGBTQI Community for many years, Scottish Adoption have become the number one agency in Scotland for placing children with LGBTQI families and it is a relationship that will continue to grow and that Scottish Adoption will continue to support. #BraveEveryday #PrideFamilies #ProudFamilies #LGBTAdoption