Art Psychotherapy (often referred to as ‘Art Therapy’) treatment is an early, preventative or crisis intervention, which has proven effectiveness in enabling children and young people to deal with challenging situations and psychological distress.

Arts Psychotherapy provides children and young people with effective ways to express and value themselves. Treatments are tailored to individual need with the overall aim of improving well-being and promoting resilience in each child/young person.

It is this safe, fun, non-intrusive model that offers creative ways for self-exploration and self-expression, which has gained proven efficacy in all areas of health, such as emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Art Psychotherapy has been shown to:

  • Move children and young people forward during challenging times
  • Enable children and young people to gain a greater understanding of themselves and others
  • Improve focus, concentration, motivation, interpersonal and coping skills
  • Reduce anxieties and distress brought on by life experiences
  • Help build resilience

Art Therapists work with children and young people in need of support who:

  • Are experiencing attachment difficulties
  • Are experiencing learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Are dealing with loss or transition, e.g. bereavement, separation/divorce
  • Are trying to cope with anxieties and worries around life situations
  • Have developed eating disorders or started to self harm
  • Are victims of bullying or abuse
  • Are exhibiting bullying or aggressive behaviours
  • Live with diagnosed medical conditions or disability

Referrals to Art Therapy are managed through the After Adoption Team. To enquire about Art Therapy, please contact your worker or Leasa Bleteau, Practice Manager.