The Early Days package is designed to provide additional support to new families. It aims to promote attachment in the early days using play and music-based activities. Play and music between parent and child is one of the tools which helps build connection and strong, safe, and secure attachments. This benefits children not only in their early years but throughout the course of their lives.

Prospective parents will be linked with a Scottish Adoption and Fostering Parent Practitioner once they have been matched with their child/children. A selection of Theraplay and sensory based movement activities will be provided to the foster-carer prior to the child/ren moving. New parents will continue with the same set of activities once their child/ren join their family to provide continuity and familiarity.

After two weeks the family will be provided with additional therapeutic activities/games. After four weeks the family will receive four – six Theraplay skills sessions in their home.  Scottish Adoption and Fostering workers are trained in Theraplay and use Theraplay techniques to support parent/s attune to their child/ren and begin to address their early unmet emotional and developmental needs.

Once the family have completed their six Theraplay skills sessions they will be invited to the Early Days Group – which consists of 2 x two-hour bespoke sessions with our music therapist, Kath Bruce and our Occupational Therapist, Jette Lemvig. The sessions will consist of a mix of musical interaction and movement-based play activities. Families will also have the opportunity to connect with other adoptive families. Multi-disciplinary feedback will be provided to the family’s social worker to assist in determining any future support needs.

If you wish to consider this service for your child, please speak with your worker or email Leasa, Practice Manager.