From our work supporting children and young people we recognise that early pre-birth and childhood experiences of trauma, neglect and abuse have an effect on the way children and young people cope with stress.

Some children and young people are sensory defensive meaning they may be hyper-sensitive to smells, temperature, taste, touch, textures, noise, movement, visual input.

This can influence day to day activities – a clothes label may irritate them excessively, concentration at school is poor because they are hyper vigilant. They may struggle to play with peers as they are sensitive to physical touch or noise and they may be at risk of injury through under-reacting to pain.

Our freelance Occupational therapists will provide a play based assessment of a child. This is a mixture of structured tasks and non-directive play in order to understand a child’s inner world and how this impacts on their functioning. Part of this assessment is also understanding any sensory seeking behaviour and emotional dysregulation.

A practical programme of activities and strategies may be developed  for a child/parent/s to help the child overcome what they find challenging and feel more in control of themselves and their environment.

If you wish to consider this service for your child, please speak with your worker or Leasa Bleteau, Practice Manager.