From our work with children and young people we recognise that early pre-birth and childhood experiences of neglect, trauma and abuse have an effect on the way they regulate, relate and develop in general. When you are deprived of love and nurture you are also missing out on vital touch and movement experiences.

Some children and young people may have underdeveloped sensorimotor systems which impact on how they make sense and engage with the world around them. They may be over- or under responsive to sensory input such as touch, sound, smell, taste, temperature, movement and visual input. This can impact on how they engage with daily activities and how they interact with people.

Our Occupational Therapist offers consultations and play-based assessments which is a mixture of structured tasks and non-directive play to gain an understanding of a child’s internal world and how they function on a bodily level and how this impact on their ability to regulate and relate.

A programme of movement-based play and sensory attachment activities and strategies may be developed to enable the child or parent/s to help the child overcome what they find challenging and feel more in control of themselves and their environment.

If you wish to consider this service for your child, please speak with your worker or email Leasa, Practice Manager.