We lead the world in the design and supply of training products for autoinjectors, nasal delivery devices and pre-filled syringes.

What we do

Identify Training Needs

We identify the critical cognitive, physical and sensory steps in the process by analysing the patient experience. This ensures that our products are always focused on the key training needs of the therapy.

Engineer Excellent Training Products

The experience gained developing medical and drug delivery devices directly impacts our ability to build reliable, high quality finished products.

Manufacture and Supply

Our ISO certified supply chain encompasses different processes, technologies and product volume options, which enable us to respond with bespoke training solutions whatever the requirement.

of Health Care Professionals reported an immediate improvement in drug preparation when using training devices.

How we do it

ISO 13485 Certified

Our processes meet the highest standards – ISO 13485 and 9001 to be precise – and this gives us an edge. Clients have the assurance that their regulated and non-regulated products are in good hands throughout development and compliance.

Fast & Flexible

Short turnaround projects are not uncommon if clients are to meet critical project milestones. Our management processes allow us to work quickly and maintain uncompromising standards of quality.

Add Value

Not only do our clients have full ownership of the design and IP, they benefit from superior product quality, competitive pricing and the fast turnaround of their project.

“I really appreciate how quickly you were able to put resources into this project and have successfully worked with us on this very tight timeline.”

Device Lead – Combination Products

Training Products: