Angie’s Story

Angie’s Story

Angie shares her 100 Voices story with you.

From the world of working in research in varied scientific settings and places, at the age of thirty-six I made the decision to study social work. Qualifying in 2000, 8 years as a local authority social worker, fifteen plus years working in the adoption field.

Working with Scottish Adoption for six years. It feels a bit of a milestone to be there as the agency celebrates its centenary year! My social work career did not begin at Scottish Adoption; however, it will be part of the end of doing a job which has been a roller coaster of a ride & a privilege to do. I have learned much from so many people, birth families, adopters, children, young people, work colleagues, some who became lifelong friends, other professionals & agencies, North & South of the Border.

I learned that that the child or children who need you most might not be the ones that were part of your hopes & dreams or the child you imagined (many of us have had an emotional process to deal with first, a time to grieve, before our adoption journey began).

Our children, some who needed to heal, to feel safe, to trust. The children that learned that they will be loved & are loveable. Connecting with children through stories, I found to be all-important in creating those feelings of belonging for children in their forever family.

Adoptive parenting is often demanding, inspiring, tough, often with heart-wrenching feelings, joyful & love giving. Seeing your children become the people they want to be, as they move through their life. I cherish my children & the adults that they became, an utterly amazing journey.

The best bit of my job at Scottish Adoption, has been the families I have met. Thank you all so much, for  telling me  your stories.

Mum to two children (adopted at two years & three years old:  now all grown up).