@teentalkadoption is an Instagram based online teen adoptee community  created by the Scottish Adoption Teen Ambassadors. @teentalkadoption is:

  • A platform for adopted teenagers to tell their stories.
  • A place for adopted teenagers to connect with other relevant services.
  • A space to educate others, change practice and reduce stereotypes on adoption.

Follow @teentalkadoption if you are a adopted teenager who wants to join our community.

Follow @teentalkadoption if you’re a adoptive parent or professional who wants to learn about the views and experiences of adopted children.

Direct Message us or use the contact form below to submit your problem, questions, story/blog or thoughts.

We understand that some adopted young people would like to keep their adoption identity confidential. If this is the case, you or your parent can read our blogs here, or just take a peek at our Instagram page now and then.

If you do decide to follow us- we would always encourage you to practice good internet safety by:

  • Never using your name or correct date of birth.
  • Using a photo that is non-identifiable.
  • ALWAYS keep your page locked.

The Scottish Adoption Teen Ambassadors

Responses from @teentalkadoption from the Teen Ambassadors are fully monitored and gate kept by the After Adoption Team at Scottish Adoption.  Scottish Adoption Teen Ambassadors receive supervision and support from the After Adoption Team. All responses are confidential, but if you give us permission, we can archive these here to help other young people who may be going through something similar.

The Scottish Adoption Teen Ambassadors help us create new families by giving input at every Scottish Adoption and Fostering preparation group. They also use their experiences and represent the views of other young people from our teen group to help train and educate other professionals.

If you would like more information about our Ambassador Programme or @teentalkadoption please email info@scottishadoption.org or call 0131 553 5060.

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