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For detailed information on the adoption process please download our Information for Prospective Adopters document and if after reading all the information you would like to contact us please download and fill out the Initial Enquiry Form.


At Scottish Adoption we focus exclusively on delivering high quality, innovative services to all affected by adoption in Scotland and further afield.


We have supported many families through their experiences of adoption and we have invited some of them to share their experiences with you.


From our library to information on social media and parenting support, we have a wide range of resources to support you.


  • Worrying About Birth Family
    Our next blog comes from one of our Quaran-Teen Ambassadors.
  • A Real Life Life-Story
    Moving through the care system and onto adoption isn’t like the movies. In the movies, adoption life stories show everyone prancing around and, in the end, they finish with happy and perfect lives. I wish my life was like that, but real adoption life-stories are more complicated, confusing and filled with so many emotions.
  • Dolly Parton's Imagination Library
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“We assessed that there was outstanding evidence of the adoption agency supporting positive outcomes for children and their adoptive families”

Inspection Report by the Care Inspectorate